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Orange Hush Muff

Orange Hush Muff

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The Hush Muff is uniquely designed to be  worn as a close-fitting head covering which  limits external noises and in turn reduces the stress, helps with travel sickness and protects sensitive ears from excessive sound. They provide a comfortable fit for all dog sizes and feature a warm fleece, elasticated design. With the Hush Muff, you can help your pup feel secure and relaxed in noisy or overwhelming environments especially around fireworks season.

Not 100% sure which size to choose? We are always more than happy to help.  Send us their measurements through the chat box below or DM us on Instagram @sootheandsettleuk

Uses include
• Fireworks
• Thunderstorms/Rain
• Car Rides
• Vet trips
• Crate rest
• Overstimulated
• Service dogs for trips to concerts or cinema.
• Grooming
• Noise sensitivity
and much more!


  • Original Design
  • Machine Washable
  • Water Resistant
  • Up to 4 Sizes
  • Various colours

The dog in the image wears a M 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Just the most amazing item. Seriously such a simple idea but it really works. Our dog loves it. As soon as we put it on them they fall asleep. Highly recommend and a great delivery service.


Absolutely amazing! My dog loves it🤍

Ell Lloyd
Ideal for nervous and fearful of noise doggos

We love our Hush Muffs for our greyhound. He is terrified of fireworks and loud bangs in general and it most definitely helps to manage his fears. They stay securely on his head when he moves around or shakes off which is perfect. We recommend these to a lot of our friends. It’s not easy during firework season however this is our best chance of managing it along with natural calming drops. They last very well and are clearly a considered design and well made.

Thank you so much for your lovely review. As a small business it genuinely means the world that we are making a difference to our customers and their dogs. Also really appreciate you spreading the word.