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Dark Black watch tartan Hush Muff

Dark Black watch tartan Hush Muff

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The Hush Muff is uniquely designed to be  worn as a close-fitting head covering which  limits external noises and in turn reduces the stress , helps with travel sickness and protects sensitive ears from excessive sound. They provide a comfortable fit for all dog sizes and feature a warm fleece, elasticated design. With the Hush Muff, you can help your pup feel secure and relaxed in noisy or overwhelming environments especially around fireworks season.

Not 100% sure which size to choose? We are always more than happy to help.  Send us their measurements through the chat box below or DM us on Instagram @sootheandsettleuk

Uses include
• Fireworks
• Thunderstorms/Rain
• Car Rides
• Vet trips
• Crate rest
• Overstimulated
• Service dogs for trips to concerts or cinema.
• Grooming
• Noise sensitivity
and much more!


  • Original Design
  • Machine Washable
  • Water Resistant
  • Up to 4 Sizes
  • Various colours


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Tamara Trunz
Super Muff

Wir sind zwar noch in der Übungsphase,
Aber m er in Hind kann schon mal runter fahren wenns Gewittert.
Der Muff ist echt super kann ich nur empfehlen

Penny Williams
Perfect for my nervous dog

Perfect fit even though she has a tiny head! Fireworks are no longer a concern ❤️

Helen Combes
Really excellent product

This really works - my greyhound is now settled during fireworks with this on and we had tried everything before this! It's the only thing that has worked for her. Would highly recommend

Michelle Hoefer

Such a brilliant product for keeping my greyhound calm!!

Jennifer Scott

Spent £95 on medication for my greyhound and it didn't work. Found the soothe and settle muff and he can finally block out the fireworks!