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Cow print Hush Muff

Cow print Hush Muff

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The Hush Muff is uniquely designed to be  worn as a close-fitting head covering which  limits external noises and in turn reduces the stress , helps with travel sickness and protects sensitive ears from excessive sound. They provide a comfortable fit for all dog sizes and feature a warm fleece, elasticated design. With the Hush Muff, you can help your pup feel secure and relaxed in noisy or overwhelming environments especially around fireworks season.


  • Original Design
  • Machine Washable
  • Water Resistant
  • Up to 4 Sizes
  • Various colours
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
F Smith
Working great so far

This is the first night there has been fireworks since we bought the hush muff and our dog Sunny is totally chilled out and asleep! Usually she’s panting, pacing and shaking but tonight she’s just asleep on the couch! It’s an amazing change!

Faith Jenkins
Great products!

We have just purchased three of these Hush Muffs for our rescued Podencos. As we were too late for 5th November they will be used first on New Years Eve, but they have been given the seal of approval by the dogs as being comfy, so have high hopes of a peaceful night!

Julie P
Helping a greyhound with firework phobia

Bought this after bonfire night so yet to put it into full practice, but recommended by another greyhound owner who found it helpful. Very prompt delivery and well made

Philippa Rothery

Cow print Hush Muff

Sarah Billington
Cow Print Hush Muff

Brilliant product which has really helped my boy through firework season. Beautifully made and super fast delivery. Thank you so much