Wheat Bags

Wheat bags have long been valued for their therapeutic benefits, and now we've tailored this classic concept to cater specifically to dogs' needs. Each wheat bag is carefully designed to offer targeted comfort, making it an must have addition to your pet care routine.

Our wheat bags are made from 100% cotton and filled with clean wheat grains that have been selected for their heat retention properties. When heated, these bags emit a gentle warmth that can help alleviate aches, pains, and discomfort that your dog might experience due to arthritis, muscle stiffness, or even just the challenges of aging.

The included removable cover adds a layer of convenience to the mix. Made from soft polar fleece, the cover not only enhances your dog's comfort but also safeguards the inner wheat bag. When accidents happen or daily adventures get a bit messy, simply remove the cover and give it a quick wash – maintaining hygiene and freshness.

In the UK there is no legal requirement for safety testing of wheat bags, however, there is a voluntary safety standard in place, albeit unregulated, and as a responsible manufacturer and retailer we ensure our goods meet these requirements regardless of enforcement.

BS8433:2004 is a British standard that forces a manufacturer to:

  • rigorously test their products
  • provide heating instructions that are clear and easy to follow, borne out of a strict heat testing exercise rather than estimated; easy to see by defined font sizes so everyone can read the instructions
  • require the labels to be sewn into the product itself as well as an easy to read swing tag.

Wheat Bags

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